For years after its destruction, Sumara was little more than a tomb. The citizens’ deaths had tainted the magical energies that had previously nourished the city’s mages. The entire city’s population had died within a day, and the massive release of life energy amid fear and pain irrevocably tainted the stones. Maddened ghosts struggled against imprisoning cocoons of ash and gold when the full moon rose, and ghouls scrabbled at the city walls, trying to break in and feast on what they could find there. It was not a place for any living thing … but that would change.

Sumara’s ruins finally attracted new residents in 8 AV, when Karnush and seven necromancers and their assembled followers arrived at the dead city. Pacts of cooperation bonded these necromancers, who were driven by a common purpose to explore and harness the potent necromantic forces that lay dormant in the ruins.
They described their journey to their followers as one of discovery, an opportunity to research the most esoteric of topics and, most notably, “a wayfaring of sorts.” This is how history remembers these necromancers – the Eight Wayfarers.

Godspell - Hollowfaust

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